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Boat Charters

At Best Day Ever Charters, we are fully rigged for comfortable fishing on multiple lakes and multiple boats. It is not unusual to fish for Salmon in Lake Ontario in the morning, and to fish for Pickerel out of Lake Erie in the evening.  Catching many different species of fish are available when you have these options.


Some of our charter guests do prefer not to fish, we offer many different experiences to suit your needs:

-Sunrise Cruise with hot coffee and breakfast. Enjoy the calm of the morning watching the skies light up!

-Sunset Cruise with a dessert and a beverage. Enjoy watching the sun set and experience the calm and quiet as night sets in.

-Day Cruise around Toronto Island, Lake Ontario

-Day Cruise out to the tip of Long Point, Lake Erie

-Let us know what you like and  we will create a customized charter just for you!

*We are able to also support scuba divers and beach hoppers.

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